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Holiday Region Tux, Finkenberg & Hintertux Glacier

We’re very proud of our green alpine valley, nestled in between the impressive mountain peaks. The valley consists of the villages: 


where the valley ends with the majestic Hintertux glacier. Take this chance to explore the holiday paradise that is Tux – with its traditions, its friendly hosts, unique sporting opportunities and spectacular natural sights! 


is a saying in the valley – it means something like "Taking a well-deserved break": relax, take a deep breath and forget about stress and worries for a while. That's the most important part of any holiday. 

Besides your physical wellbeing, we are also concerned with all other aspects of your holiday, to make it as enjoyable as possible! Come and join us - the people of Tux are warm-hearted, hospitable and sociable, sitting together in a traditional inn while listening to original Tyrolean music, eating local cheese and bacon with freshly baked bread and finishing off with a homemade glass of Schnaps! 


Relaxing, yet exhilerating at the same time – that’s what makes holidays in Tux so special!

The "special something" here is due to an exciting combintion of diverse nature, warm hospitality and real tradition! One level above the stress of everyday life, on 1.300 to 3.250 metres above sea level, you will find Tux - a picturesque mountain valley at the end of the famour Zillertal, ideal for YOUR holiday in the Alps. 

Tux itself is a village spread out over 8 kilometres and consisting of the smaller villages Vorderlanersbach, Lanersbach, Juns, Madseit and Hintertux.

These villages in the Tux valley are typical Tyrolean mountain villages, and together with the Hintertux glacier at the end of the valley, they a paradise of nature and sports, with fun for all the family – 365 days a year!

A special bus will bring you up and down the valley for free, so you can always reach wherever you want to go skiing or hiking. Also, in winter, there’s the Tux "50 Cent" Nightliner, bringing you safely to your destination up until 02:20 in the morning.